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Oregon National Primate Research Center - Science Cafe Speaker Series 2021

Posted on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Each year the Oregon National Primate Research Center sponsors a Science Cafe series focused on a timely topic. This year that topic is the pandemic. The Winter 2021 Science Cafe series, entitled "Coronavirus Conversations," will be presented in a virtual format. We hope you will attend these stimulating presentations. Please RSVP to

February 11, 2021: Mark Slifka, PhD (Senior Scientist, ONPRC)
How Safe Are Vaccines?

Dr. Slifka will address vaccine-related fears and questions in this Town Hall-style presentation.

February 18, 2021: Daniel Streblow, PhD (Senior Scientist, VGTI/OHSU)
How Did We get Here?

Join Dr. Streblow for a retrospective look at the coronavirus pandemic, from COVID-19 test development to vaccine discovery and beyond. What critical questions do we still need to answer about SARS-CoV-2?

February 25, 2021: Afam Okoye, PhD (Associate Scientist, VGTI/OHSU)
Outlook for the Future

Dr. Okoye will lead us in a look forward: When will this be over? What do we have to do to get back to "normal?" What role does herd immunity play? What behaviors should we continue even after the pandemic? Will there be another pandemic and when?