Endowment Donors

With Gratitude To Our Endowment Donors


Endowments provide ongoing revenue for scholar awards and are critical to fulfilling our mission. Through the extraordinary generosity of ARCS donors, the Oregon Chapter has established 28 Endowments for Scholar Awards since 2015. Many ARCS donors amplified their impact with matching funds offered by our University Partners - Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon State University, and the University of Oregon.

  1. ARCS 10th Anniversary Fund #1 - OHSU, School of Medicine 
  2. ARCS 10th Anniversary Fund #2 - OSU, Graduate School 
  3. Anonymous - UO, Biology
  4. Kathleen & Bob Ames - OSU, College of Engineering
  5. Jamie & Mike Anderson - UO, College of Arts & Sciences 
  6. Jamie & Mike Anderson - OSU, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences 
  7. Kirby & Carl Dyess - OHSU, School of Medicine 
  8. Ann & Ron Emmerson - OSU, College of Engineering 
  9. The Fairway Fund given by Susie & George Swindells - OHSU, School of Medicine
  10. The Fairway Fund given by Susie Swindells- UO, College of Arts & Sciences, Biology
  11. Nancy & Dodd Fischer - OSU, College of Forestry 
  12. Barbara Giesy - OHSU, School of Nursing 
  13. Sheila & Mike Goodwin - OSU, Agricultural Science, Marine Mammal Institute
  14. Sharon & Henry Hewitt - OHSU, School of Medicine
  15. Jean & Rich Josephson - OSU, College of Engineering
  16. Jill Josselyn Bequest
  17. Jill Josselyn Bequest - UO, College of Arts & Sciences, Chemistry 
  18. Sue & Bernie McGrath - OSU, College of Science
  19. Caron & Larry Ogg - OSU, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences 
  20. Caron & Larry Ogg Family - OSU, College of Engineering, Robotics 
  21. Caron & Larry Ogg Family - OHSU, School of Medicine 
  22. Ed & Beth Ray - OSU, Graduate School
  23. Barbara & Philip Silver - OSU, College of Agricultural Science 
  24. Barbara & Philip Silver Family - OHSU, School of Medicine/School of Nursing
  25. Kenda & Ken Singer - UO, College of Arts & Sciences, Human Physiology
  26. Science is the Solution (given by Silver/Ogg) - OHSU, School of Medicine 
  27. Anne & Peter Jarvis - OSU, College of Engineering
  28. Joan Foley, Per Jarnburg, Jane and Joe Gray - OHSU, School of Medicine

Read more: University Matched Endowment Program

To learn more about endowment opportunities contact us at loris@arcsoregon.org. 

Photo courtesy of Andie Petkus

Erik Torasson - Institute of Molecular Biology, UO
"Receiving an ARCS Scholar Award has been pivotal to my success as a graduate student. In my first year, my award enabled me to move to Oregon from the Midwest and pursue my PhD. Further, by supplementing my income throughout the important early years of my PhD, my ARCS award has reduced financial stresses and allowed me to focus on my development as a scientist, student, teacher, and mentor. Just as importantly, receiving an ARCS award has enabled me to interact with the incredible members of ARCS Oregon. Completing a PhD is not easy, but knowing that I have the unwavering support and excitement of the ARCS members behind me has been an important vote of confidence in my abilities and potential as a scientist. Together, the financial and social support of ARCS has helped me through the many challenges required to realize my goals of becoming a research scientist."