Board Structure

Board Structure

An elected Board of Directors exercises authority over and manages the affairs of the Chapter. The number of Directors shall be determined and fixed by the Board and may be changed from time to time by a majority vote of the then serving Directors. The Board works together in partnership to achieve the strategic goals of the Chapter. The President appoints up to four (4) Members-at-Large to serve on the Board. The Board of Directors are elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting. 

The Officers of the Chapter include the President, President-elect, one or more Vice Presidents, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. Vice Presidents chair the following committees: Finance, Governance, Inclusive Excellence, Marketing & Communications, Member Relations, Philanthropy, Program, Scholar Relations, and University Relations. In addition, the president appoints the Allocations Committee, chair for the annual fundraising event, chair for the Long Range Planning Committee and may convene special committees as necessary to further the business of the Chapter.  

Standing Committees

Finance Oversees the chapter's financials including monitoring budgets and investments.
Goverance Oversees structural integrity of the organization.
Inclusive Excellence Ensures the Chapter is a place where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and can fully participate in the mission of the organization.
Marketing & Communications Oversees all external and internal communications including social media, newsletters, and website.
Member Relations Recruits and retains a strong active membership.
Philanthropy Engages funders, corporations and philanthropists in the mission of the Chapter for the purpose of raising money for awards and operations. 
Program Delivers educational programs on cutting-edge STEM research to members and their guests.
Scholar Relations Organizes events focused on building relationships among members and scholars.
University Relations Maintains relationships with the Chapter's University Partners; Conducts periodic site visits. 


Appointed by the President

Allocations Determines the number of scholar awards to be allocated to each university partner.
Long Range Plan Evaluates the state of the foundation, facilitates strategic planning, and tracks progress.
Annual Scholar Event Plans and organizes the annual fundraiser.