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  • You are a vital part of our mission. Your stories encourage current scholars and help us attract new funding for future scholars.
  • Stay involved with ARCS Foundation members and other scholars if you have moved to the Portland, Corvallis or Eugene area or want to give back in any way, including speaking about your research at an ARCS Foundation event.
  • Let us know how you would like to participate in carrying ARCS Foundation work into the future.

To notify the Oregon Chapter that you are in the area, please email or write to us at the above address.

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Eric Stoffregen - Oregon Chapter Scholar

"The ARCS scholar award is a great award to get as a graduate student.  Although we are fortunate to be paid a stipend while we're in school, it is a modest amount, leaving us behind many of our peers in other fields in terms of building up savings or retirement accounts.  The extra stipend support provided by ARCS helps a lot with paying bills, starting some savings while in graduate school, and generally taking away some of the economic stresses that being in graduate school can cause.  The ARCS award is a great incentive to entice students to come to OHSU, or a great way to reward those who have chosen to study here.  The ARCS support is definitely something that I am thrilled to have received and hope that their generous support continues to help out many other deserving students."

Karen Thiebes - The Rubinstein/Ames Scholar

“Being an ARCS scholar is a privilege that has given me extra motivation in pursuing my PhD in neuroscience.  It is encouraging to know that I am supported by a greater non-scientific community and I have enjoyed sharing my passion for science with my sponsors and other ARCS members.”

Wade Marcum – Oregon Chapter Scholar

“The ARCS scholar award enabled my wife and me to experience a number of opportunities that would have otherwise been unattainable. Although a significant financial burden was lifted through access of this scholar award, I found that the relationships that I created over the previous three years were more valuable than any amount of money.  For that I thank all ARCS members.”