Virtual Educational Programs

ARCS Foundation Oregon hosts lectures that cover a wide range of topics to foster lifelong learning. For each lecture we include an ARCS scholar to update us on her/his research. They are an impressive group of students who always pique our curiosity. We provide these virtual lectures for ARCS members, their guests, and ARCS scholars. 

Recent Virtual Programs

The Future of Affirmative Action in Higher Education 

ARCS Oregon hosted this informative virtual panel discussion featuring Penny Serruier, Managing Partner at Stoel Rives, Scott Vignos, Chief Diversity Officer at OSU, and Emily Shultz, Deputy General Counsel at OHSU.

Perfecting Coffee with Science

Dr. Christopher Hendon, University of Oregon Assistant Professor of Computational Materials Chemistry, is leading a four-year project on espresso extraction in collaboration with an Italian coffee machine manufacturer, Oregon State University, and the University of Portsmouth (in the UK). The project will develop guidelines for espresso extraction and the first brewing "control chart" to provide the optimum water-to-bean brewing ratios for the ideal cup of coffee. The Atlantic magazine calls Dr. Hendon, "specialty coffee's resident scientist." 

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Virtual Tour of the JOIDES Resolution Research Vessel in Greece

ARCS Foundation Oregon hosted a unique virtual tour of the JOIDES Resolution (JR), a research vessel exploring seafloor volcanic fields in Greece with ARCS Scholar Sarah Beethe from Oregon State University. The JR is the temporary home of more than 30 scientists studying this historic eruption area. Volcanic eruptions threaten about 800 million people around the globe with ground-hugging flows of hot ash and rock, earthquakes, and associated tsunamis. The volcanic fields in the Aegean Sea are particularly hazardous because of the highly explosive eruptions in the past. Santorini, a major tourist destination, is iconic because of its devastating volcanic eruption in the Late Bronze Age. Scientists have learned much about the eruption history of the Aegean volcanoes on land. Still, most volcanic activity lies under the blue Aegean Sea, making shipboard research indispensable. 

Quest for Clean Water

D. Bahman Abbasi joined Oregon State University - Cascades in 2017. Before joining OSU he worked as an associate at Booz Allen Hamilton and a technical advisor to US Department of Energy with wide-ranging experience in power generation systems, solar-thermal energy, high temperature materials, light metals production and recycling, water-energy nexus, among other energy technolgies. Prior to that he worked in various industries; including, natural gas pipes manufacuring, automotive, as well as a lead engineer at General Electric. He received his PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Maryland in 2010 with a focus on phase-change phenomena and heat transfer, and has authored 20 technical publications including 5 issued patents. His current research activities include water-energy nexus, control systems in thermal-fluid applications, and advanced metals and materials.

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Oregon Scientist/ARCS Member Presents OHSU Virtual Event: "Accelerating Medical Progress"

Dr. Nancy Haigwood, director of the Oregon National Primate Research Center and ARCS Oregon member, took viewers on a tour of the game-changing science taking place at OHSU’s West Campus, and she described how openness about research can help to enhance science literacy. As one of seven National Primate Research Centers supported by the National Institutes of Health, the Oregon National Primate Research Center at OHSU is focused on helping people across generations live longer, healthier lives through scientific breakthroughs. ONPRC’s translational research asks key questions about infectious diseases, aging, metabolic diseases like diabetes, neurological functions, reproductive challenges, and many others.

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"The Knight Campus motto is: Discovery, Develop, Deploy"

Dr. Robert Guldberg is the vice president and executive director for one of the most exciting collaborative science facilities in the nation - the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact at the University of Oregon. With degrees in mechanical engineering and bioengineering, and years of experience in regenerative medicine, biomaterials, immunoengineering, and medical device design, he is well-equipped to outline an expedited path from discovery to implementation. How do we get scientific discoveries out of the laboratory and into daily use? Robert Guldberg explores the latest strategies to bring scientific breakthroughs to the people who need them.

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"Taking it to the Streets: Wildfire in the 21st Century"

John Bailey is a Silviculture and Fire Management professor in the College of Forestry at Oregon State University. He obtained his BS and MF degrees from Virginia Tech (as a native Virginian), then worked for the Environmental Protection Agency in Corvallis. He completed a PhD at Oregon State University and joined the faculty at Northern Arizona University, working in ponderosa pine silviculture, fuels management, and ecological restoration. He returned to OSU in 2006 to continue research on fuels/fire management and sustainable forestry in drier fire-prone forest types and multi-story management in mixed forest types for broad ecosystem objectives. His recent research and outreach focus is on landscape-scale wildfire risk and sustainable forest management to minimize the adverse impacts of future wildfire in uncertain climatic times.

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"Brain Connectomes: The Future of Personalized Medicine"

The future of health care is personalized medicine. A former neuroscience professor at OHSU's Oregon National Primate Research Center, Anna Wang Roe is currently Director of the Interdisciplinary Institute of Neuroscience and Technology at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, where she heads a large-scale project on a "columnar connectome." Dr. Roe is known for her studies in visual processing in the cerebral cortex. She holds multiple editorships, serves on the NIH study section, and in recognition of her contributions to science, Dr. Roe is a Sloan, Packard, SPIE, and AAAS Fellow.

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"Development of a Saliva Test for COVID-19"

What if there was an accurate, easy-to-administer test for COVID-19 that you could do at home?  This is a look at how diagnostic tests for COVID-19 were developed and scaled up by researchers at the University of Oregon.

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Bill Cresko, PhD
Dr. Bill Cresko is a Professor of Biology and a member of the Institute of Ecology and Evolution (IE2) at the University of Oregon. He is an associate vice president of research and leader of the Presidential Initiative in Data Science, and describes himself as "... a geneticist who specializes in quantitative evolutionary genomics."
  Leslie Leve
Dr. Leslie Leve, Alumni Faculty Professor at the UO, also serves as Associate VP for Research at the University of Oregon. She is trained in developmental psychopathology. Her research focus includes preventive intervention with youth and underprivileged families.

"Marine Mammals: 'Gee whiz' science, conservation challenges, and lessons learned towards healthy marine ecosystems"

Dr. Lisa T. Ballance, director of Oregon State University's Marine Mammal Institute (MMI) and an ARCS Oregon member, will talked about her research, the MMI's current work, and MMI's research contributions. She will also delve into MMI's conservation efforts, their impact on healthy ocean ecosystems, and possible solutions for future marine ecosystem issues. 

Dr. Ballance comes to OSU from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), where she spent 30 years researching cetaceans and seabirds around the world, including the tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans, Antarctica, the Bering Sea, and the Mekong River in Cambodia. 

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"Inclusive Excellence at ARCS Foundation Oregon's Partner Universities"

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A panel moderated by Joan Foley will explore issues related to inclusive excellence. The panel includes:

Sharon Anderson, MD, OHSU
Executive Vice President of OHSU and Dean, OHSU School of Medicine, ARCS Oregon member
Belinda Batten, PhD, OSU
Executive Asociate Dean of the College of Engineering at OSU, ARCS Oregon member
Victoria DeRose, PhD, UO
Professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry, & Chemical Biology
Irem Tumer, PhD, OSU
Vice President for Research at OSU, ARCS Oregon member

"Hotter: What's New in Climate Change"

Whether speaking about global or local issues, Dr. Phil Mote is a gifted communicator. Mote is the founder of the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute and dean and vice provost of Oregon State University's Graduate School. He will briefly speak about the impact of COVID-19 on graduate students before beginning his presentation about the latest climate science - and how it could change our lives.

In addition, find out what the state of Oregon is doing to keep residents safe. OSU scholar alum Dr. Holly Dixon will update us on her COVID-19 and toxicology work with the Oregon Health Authority.