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Tara White Adams - The Lloyd W. Myers Scholar in Engineering

"It is such an honor to be recognized by an organization such as ARCS. I have met many wonderful, caring people through this experience, and it is very reassuring to know that I have the group’s support. I look forward to being associated with ARCS for a long time and contributing to the organization in the future, allowing future students the opportunities that I have. Having the scholar award, among other things, meant one less stress to deal with when the monthly bills came, allowing me to concentrate more fully on classes and lab work. Having the ARCS scholar award helped propel my research project to a level at which I could publish in peer-reviewed journals and present my results at international meetings, where my work has been recognized by the ISTH Young Investigator Award."

Whitney McGee – The Pam & Scott Gibson Scholar

“In a time when it is so difficult to come by funding for scientific research, it's easy to start thinking that the public doesn't understand why we do what we do. The ARCS program has shown me that there are some wonderful people out there who want to make a difference in the lives of young scientists. This has been very important to me and has helped motivate my work over the last three years.”

Kevin Murphy - ARCS Foundation Oregon Chapter Scholar

"With such an investment of time and energy, in the face of many challenges, a graduate student occasionally faces doubts about their ability to cut graduate school and about their work in the lab.  I am no exception.  But earning the recognition of such a wonderful group of generous women as ARCS bolsters me.  I am so encouraged by your unwavering support, your sincere enthusiasm for the work I do.  I am committed to repaying such kindness by producing great scientific research that will, I believe, have direct implications for medicine, particularly in the treatment of such debilitating neurological maladies such as Parkinson's Disease and schizophrenia.  Your generosity and warmth are greatly appreciated."