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Sean Smith - The Duncan and Cindy Campbell of the Campbell Foundation Scholar

"The ARCS award has taken away many of the financial concerns of graduate school so I can focus on the academic ones.  I'm glad I've had the chance to meet some of the students from OHSU and see what some of the other institutions in Oregon are doing.  I also enjoyed meeting the ARCS members.  It is really encouraging to see people so passionate about supporting research and with such a genuine interest in the well being of the students they support."

Nate Klett – The Ellen & Mark Richardson Scholar

"ARCS support provided me the confidence necessary to be a scientist.  When my experiments aren't working or when I am overwhelmed by the complexity of nature, it's easy to feel worthless.  At times like these, it is helpful to think of the ARCS society and say to myself, "No-- you're not worthless-- rather, there's an entire body of people who think you're quite qualified."  Beyond this, ARCS gave me the chance to meet the lovely Richardsons, and understand OHSU from an entirely different perspective.”

Allison Fryer, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies School of Medicine, OHSU

"ARCS awards are hugely important to the graduate students at OHSU.  The financial awards help us to recruit the very best students into our programs.  Equally important, from the perspective of the students, the recognition provided by ARCS is tremendously encouraging, and the personal interactions with ARCS Foundation Oregon donors is something they remember long after the period of support."