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Sarah Oman – The Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. Scholar

“ARCS has meant more to me than the financial security that allowed me to never worry about graduate student loans. It has provided an amazing opportunity to connect with community members whose only wish is to provide a means for rising scientists and engineers to get ahead in this world.  ARCS donors are selfless, caring men and women and I feel immensely honored to be able to get to know them over the past three years.  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of ARCS and helped so many college graduates make a better life for themselves.”

Tiffany DeVine – The Richard T. Jones Memorial Scholar

"Being chosen as an ARCS scholar has provided me with an enormous amount of encouragement. This honor has helped maintain my motivation during times when research as been difficult. It has been wonderful getting to know the donors of my award. Susan Smith and Jean Bates are incredibly kind and generous individuals who have both made substantial contributions in research and healthcare."

Sidney Kuo - The Cornelia H. Stevens Scholar

"As a fourth year graduate student, I have learned that the first three years of graduate school are crucial to the development of a good scientist.  Over the last three years I found myself constantly learning new scientific techniques, wrestling with how to define important questions, thinking about how to design and undertake careful experiments, and figuring out how to interpret data.  These lessons are hard enough to learn without having to worry about surviving on a graduate student stipend.  With the support of my ARCS scholar award I was able to focus on the work at hand.  My progress over the last three years is due in large part to the fact that I have been able to direct my attention and effort on my thesis research free of major financial concerns. Thanks to ARCS I am on track to successfully complete my Ph.D. and continue towards my ultimate goal of becoming a research scientist."