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Oregon Women Advancing Science

ARCS Foundation Oregon currently has more than 117 members committed to supporting the mission through donations of time, energy, and financial resources. 





Why Susan Joined ARCS
"As a scientist, I have trained many graduate students over the years. When I was introduced to ARCS and discovered its dedication to supporting graduate education, I had to join in. It was a way of paying back and honoring the importance of these exceptional students."
Why Sheila Joined ARCS
When I joined ARCS several years ago, my initial reason was the compelling argument that graduate students in these critical areas of science needed our support, and it was a great way to contribute to OSU. Having all three of my children in science and medicine made me very aware of the costs and challenges in obtaining advanced degrees. However, I have received so much more in return as a member of ARCS, getting to know many wonderful young people at our universities, as well as finding a like-minded group of women interested in advancing science in the U.S., and learning about the amazing research going on in Oregon. I guess that's why it's been so easy to recruit more members to ARCS Foundation Oregon Chapter!
Why Tracy Joined ARCS
I was invited to the ARCS Scholar Awards Luncheon by a member. I had no prior knowledge of the organization, but the power of what I experienced during that short time left a very large impression on me. I immediately knew it was something special and I wanted to be a part of it. My husband and I support education and research and this is an organization that we both can get behind. After meeting the scholars and hearing firsthand about the passionate work they are doing, I am honored to help them.