Current Members

Oregon Women Advancing Science

ARCS Foundation Oregon currently has more than 100 members committed to making a difference in students’ lives and in the future of America.  See the 2017 membership list. PDF icon

New members attend an orientation in February 2015 to learn about ARCS Foundation Oregon Chapter.


ARCS membership is growing in Corvallis, Oregon. Five members from the Oregon Chapter traveled to Corvallis to meet three women who were interested in joining ARCS. Two ARCS scholars from Oregon State University joined the group for lunch and conversation. The three women enthusiastically joined the chapter after learning about ARCS Foundation and hearing from the scholars. We now have six members in Corvallis.


Eric Stoffregen - Oregon Chapter Scholar

"The ARCS scholar award is a great award to get as a graduate student.  Although we are fortunate to be paid a stipend while we're in school, it is a modest amount, leaving us behind many of our peers in other fields in terms of building up savings or retirement accounts.  The extra stipend support provided by ARCS helps a lot with paying bills, starting some savings while in graduate school, and generally taking away some of the economic stresses that being in graduate school can cause.  The ARCS award is a great incentive to entice students to come to OHSU, or a great way to reward those who have chosen to study here.  The ARCS support is definitely something that I am thrilled to have received and hope that their generous support continues to help out many other deserving students."

Sean Smith - The Duncan and Cindy Campbell of the Campbell Foundation Scholar

"The ARCS award has taken away many of the financial concerns of graduate school so I can focus on the academic ones.  I'm glad I've had the chance to meet some of the students from OHSU and see what some of the other institutions in Oregon are doing.  I also enjoyed meeting the ARCS members.  It is really encouraging to see people so passionate about supporting research and with such a genuine interest in the well being of the students they support."

Sarah Hackenmueller – The Chuck & Ellen McClure Scholar

“For me, the ARCS scholar award has been an important confidence builder as I’ve progressed in my thesis training.  Knowing that ARCS members, members of the community, are interested in the work I am doing, and have faith in my abilities is a huge factor that continues to help me stay motivated on this project.   Thank you for your support for the past three years, and for your continued support of graduate students in Oregon.”