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Oregon Women Advancing Science

ARCS Foundation Oregon currently has more than 135 members committed to supporting the mission through donations of time, energy, and financial resources.  See the July 2018 membership list

Member Renewal Deadline May 30, 2018

Instructions to renew your membership:

  • In the blue bar at the top of the screen, click "Log In".
  • Sign in by using your user name (your user name is the email address you use for ARCS Foundation).
  • If you are a new member or have never signed into the website before, use the temporary password "temp123" ( once you are logged in you can change your password).
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  • This will take you to the "Welcome" page with a menu list on the left side under "Member Portal".
  • Click on "ARCS Membership" (this will take you directly to the renewal form).

After completing your registration, you will immediately receive an email that will give you instructions for the payment process.

  • You can pay by credit card, check or stock.
  • There is a link that takes you to the credit card payment screen.  You will be charged a transaction fee if you renew by credit card.
  • Or there are instructions for mailing your check.  Send your check to ARCS Foundation Oregon, PO Box 2063, Portland, Oregon 97208-2063
  • Click HERE to pay with stock, contact our Admin Assistant at


New Member Orientation in February 


New members from Portland, Corvallis area and Eugene attend the Annual Meeting.


New members attend an orientation in April 2017 to learn about ARCS Foundation Oregon Chapter.


Pierre Apostolides - The Cornelia H. Stevens Scholar

"“ARCS is important to me because it reminds me why I wanted to go to graduate school in the first place: Learning new things is very cool and exciting. An organization such as ARCS that exists for the sole purpose of promoting science shows that this passion for discovery is engrained in all of us whether or not we actively pursue a career in pure research. I would especially like to thank my sponsor Cornelia Stevens for her generosity, kindness and her strong interest in the advancement of science.”

Eric Stoffregen - Oregon Chapter Scholar

"The ARCS scholar award is a great award to get as a graduate student.  Although we are fortunate to be paid a stipend while we're in school, it is a modest amount, leaving us behind many of our peers in other fields in terms of building up savings or retirement accounts.  The extra stipend support provided by ARCS helps a lot with paying bills, starting some savings while in graduate school, and generally taking away some of the economic stresses that being in graduate school can cause.  The ARCS award is a great incentive to entice students to come to OHSU, or a great way to reward those who have chosen to study here.  The ARCS support is definitely something that I am thrilled to have received and hope that their generous support continues to help out many other deserving students."

Sarah Hackenmueller – The Chuck & Ellen McClure Scholar

“For me, the ARCS scholar award has been an important confidence builder as I’ve progressed in my thesis training.  Knowing that ARCS members, members of the community, are interested in the work I am doing, and have faith in my abilities is a huge factor that continues to help me stay motivated on this project.   Thank you for your support for the past three years, and for your continued support of graduate students in Oregon.”