Current Members

Oregon Women Advancing Science

ARCS Foundation Oregon currently has more than 130 members committed to supporting the mission through donations of time, energy, and financial resources.  See the October 2018 membership list. 


New Member Orientation in February 


New members from Portland, Corvallis area and Eugene attend the Annual Meeting.


New members attend an orientation in April 2017 to learn about ARCS Foundation Oregon Chapter.


Nate Klett – The Ellen & Mark Richardson Scholar

"ARCS support provided me the confidence necessary to be a scientist.  When my experiments aren't working or when I am overwhelmed by the complexity of nature, it's easy to feel worthless.  At times like these, it is helpful to think of the ARCS society and say to myself, "No-- you're not worthless-- rather, there's an entire body of people who think you're quite qualified."  Beyond this, ARCS gave me the chance to meet the lovely Richardsons, and understand OHSU from an entirely different perspective.”

Megan Herting – The Shirley R. Kuse Scholar

“Being an ARCS scholar has meant a lot to me over the last three years, including being able to go home to Chicago for the holidays and being able to replace the car when our first car’s transmission blew after Christmas. But most importantly the ARCS scholar award allowed me to feel supported by the local community, to get to know my wonderful sponsors and their families (Thank you- Shirley Kuse and Carol Ehlen), and to have a peace of mind while focusing on my research and classes. Thank you seems like such a small phrase for all you are doing for us scholars, but thank you for your support the past three years!”

Pierre Apostolides - The Cornelia H. Stevens Scholar

"“ARCS is important to me because it reminds me why I wanted to go to graduate school in the first place: Learning new things is very cool and exciting. An organization such as ARCS that exists for the sole purpose of promoting science shows that this passion for discovery is engrained in all of us whether or not we actively pursue a career in pure research. I would especially like to thank my sponsor Cornelia Stevens for her generosity, kindness and her strong interest in the advancement of science.”