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Welcome Scholars and Alums

Posted on Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dear New ARCS Foundation Scholars:

Congratulations to our new scholars on your decision to pursue a PhD degree at OHSU or Oregon State University.  ARCS Foundation knows that being a graduate student is hard work and often unglamorous.  Our goal is that the ARCS Portland scholar award gives you a greater degreee of financial security, and just as important, signifies that your work is important to advancing scientific research.  Graduate students do the painstaking bench work that drives knowledge, and you bring ideas and energy to trigger innovation and stimulate discovery.

The universities select you for your demonstrated excellence.  Our members are eager to meet you and follow your academic goals and progress - it is one of many benefits of membership that our scholars make us lifelong learners.

To All ARCS Scholars and Alums:

Welcome to our ARCS Foundation website and scholar database! The website project has been several years in the making and has taken many hours of time and commitment from our all-volunteer members. The process of migrating your scholar profile information to our new database has been a big challenge. We know that in the process we may have lost some of the information you previously submitted so we are asking you to please fill in as much information about your educational and professional careers as possible. We use the information from the database to demonstrate the effectiveness and importance of our scholar awards program. It also serves as inspiration to our members to keep working to raise funds for future scholars. Thank you in advance for updating your scholar profile!


Aletha Anderson, President
ARCS Foundation Portland Chapter