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University Matched Endowments at OSU will close December 31

Posted on Sunday, July 8, 2018

Would you like to reduce your taxes and find solutions to the planet’s biggest challenges? With the passage of the new tax law, it may be more beneficial than ever to create a university matched endowment (UME). Oregon State University has 5 of these opportunities remaining (4 in Engineering and 1 in Science), but will bring the matching opportunity to a close on December 31. To be eligible for the match, UME gift agreements must be signed by December 31, 2018, but the gift can be made any time during 2019.

Let’s not let this chance to fund ARCS scholars in perpetuity at OSU slip away! PhD students in Engineering and Science are bringing together engineering, computing, and health technologies to prevent and treat disease and conducting cutting edge research on how to increase the supply of renewable energy, keep our salmon healthy, protect our coral reefs, and provide access to clean water to communities throughout the world, and much more.   Your gift to create a university matched endowment will ensure that this important research – so critical to the sustainability of our planet and the health ofits people – will continue!

Here’s how:

  • The donor contributes $100,000, designated for a UME in the College of Science or the College of Engineering
  • The College of Engineering or the College of Science allocates $50,000 to the same fund, for a total endowment of $150,000
  • The Oregon Chapter pledges an additional $7,500 
  • An ARCS Scholar is funded at OSU – forever!

A few reminders: A UME may be funded with cash, stock, or through an IRA distribution once you reach age 70 1/2. Check with your tax professional -- under the new tax law, the tax benefits of making non-cash gifts may be even greater than before. The UMEs are not limited to ARCS members only.  Any individual or company may participate. 

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