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State of the Foundation Report by Elizabeth Bell

Posted on Friday, September 16, 2022

I am so honored to lead ARCS Foundation Oregon at a time when the organization is experiencing tremendous change. We are strong, relevant, women-led, with a tremendous history of growth and increasing awards. Our members have been our most generous donors. We are in strong financial health, and we have engaged and talented volunteer leadership.  

While our history is filled with achievements and growth, some of our declining trends over the past five years are concerning.  It is clear that we have reached a critical moment in our growth. Since 2018, Membership has declined by 23% and philanthropy has remained relatively flat. These are two of the most important sources of revenue for our Chapter and scholar awards.  

In order to curb these declines, we must modernize and align our operations with best practices, think strategically, and expand our reach so ARCS Oregon is more prominently known across the state among funders, STEM and industry leaders, and philanthropists whose interests align with our mission.  

With these changes, we will be perfectly positioned to reach new heights and become an even greater Chapter. We have an amazing and talented membership, committed leaders, and excellent staff.  I am confident that together we can begin to address declining membership and increase fundraising over the coming year.   

I hope you will join me for a Virtual Town Hall on Thursday September 29 from 5 to 6 pm where I will share the entire State of the Foundation report, and Kenda Singer, VP of Member Relations will present more information about our new membership process. Please click HERE to register. 

Thanks for all you do to make ARCS Foundation Oregon successful!