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Scholar Alum Berner Studies Climate Change from Alaska to Arizona

Posted on Monday, March 25, 2024
NOTE: Logan Berner earned a PhD in the College of Forestry at Oregon State University. His ARCS Scholar Award donors, Jean and Rich Josepson, share an update on Logan’s career. Be sure to watch Berner’s video below! 

Rich and I have had the pleasure of knowing Logan and his partner, Carley, for over 10 years. With great satisfaction, we've witnessed Logan's success as a student, a presenter, and a leader in climate change research. Two years ago we reconnected in Flagstaff, AZ, where Logan holds a position as assistant research professor at Northern Arizona University (NAU). With large grants from NASA and NSF, Logan maintains his position at NAU and has relocated to Juneau, Alaska. In addition to his research, he's enjoying teaching a class this term at the University of Alaska Southeast about Arctic ecosystems and climate change.  

Logan has published prolifically, and several video links appear online. As a former elementary school teacher, I particularly liked this presentation, simplifying exactly what he studies. Logan says, "It's fun figuring out how to effectively present scientific research in a way that is readily digestible." I suggested that Logan consider coaching other scientists on how to talk to non-experts, and, typically, he's game.  

Logan wrote, "The ARCS scholar award provided me not only crucial financial support while pursuing my doctoral degree, but also rich opportunities to engage and network with other young scientists and the wonderful philanthropists in the ARCS community."  

Supporting ARCS Scholars has been among the most rewarding donor experiences we've had. Lucky us to know Logan Berner, and fortunately for the Earth, Logan tracks climate change and alerts us to its consequential effects.  

Written by Jean Josephson, ARCS Oregon member and donor.