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Oregon Scholar Alum Creates Remote Learning Videos

Posted on Sunday, April 19, 2020

After leaving graduate school Rebecca Keller, an ARCS Scholar at UO, Department of Chemistry, got a job with the start-up tech company as a freelancer making educational videos about chemistry. Nagwa's aim is to bring accessible educational videos to students globally and Rebecca says it's a very exciting project to be working on. The videos are free to students, anyone can go on the website and watch as many videos as they like, but there is a paid school or teacher portal that can be used to assign and grade homework and study materials.

"I work this job from home so nothing much changed for me in regard to the COVID-19 situation," says Rebecca. "I have been busying myself working on lesson videos for high school chemistry such as the one in this link."

The educational resources provided by the company can help schools transition to a more digital focused learning environment which is certainly useful in times like these where schools are all closed. When schools are reopened, these videos will be helpful to teachers wishing to transition to an active learning style classroom.  Rebecca says, "It's good to be able to put my teaching skills and chemistry knowledge to work to create these materials for teachers and students, and it's an enjoyable job! I am looking forward to there being more certainty again in the world but at least I have something to keep me busy for the time being."