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Marilyn Lindgren Awarded 2021 President's Award

Posted on Thursday, May 20, 2021

Our chapter benefits from all our classifications of members: Scholar Alum, Under 50, Active, and Associate.  A member may choose to become an Associate member after being Active for 5 years and they are not obligated to participate in committee work. Today, I want to honor an Associate Member who has a history of volunteering her time and her talent to our activities even though she is an Associate member. 

This member is Marilyn Lindgren! She has demonstrated her sincere commitment to ARCS Foundation Oregon and her love of the mission through her ongoing volunteerism when she became a member in 2009.  She became an Associate Member in 2015.  Marilyn has served the Chapter in a variety of ways. She quickly became involved as a Member-at-Large on the 2010-2012 Board.  Because of her financial background she also served on the Finance committee for over 10 years where she provided challenging questions and expert advice. She was also involved in the RFP process when the chapter was looking to find a new financial manager. For many years, Marilyn enthusiastically volunteered at the Scholar Awards Luncheon, organizing the scholars in preparation for them to be recognized on stage.  As an Associate Member, she continues to serve on the Finance Committee and the Allocations Committee. In addition, and most recently, she served on the Nominating Committee.  When the Chapter was thinking of hiring its first paid administrative staff, Marilyn is the person who recommended Lee Ann Verboort. 

We recognize and honor Marilyn for her active commitment to our chapter and our scholars.  Thank you, Marilyn!