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Did You Know Our Building Environments Can Make Us Sick?

Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Did you know our building environments can make us sick? Buildings serve as mediators in the transmission of bacteria and viruses, including the Novel Coronavirus. This is true for our hospitals, public buildings and our own homes. It is a known fact that indoor microbiomes can impact our health and the health of those we share space with. 

The University of Oregon and Oregon Health & Science University have teamed up to learn how the coronavirus is dispersed in the air and onto surfaces in hospitals. This information will be vital to all hospitals, health care workers and the public. The research is taking place at OHSU in Portland and the UO’s Biology and the Built Environment Center in the College of Design.

How do you limit the spread of viruses in a hospital setting? Read more.

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Watch the UO presentation on Pandemics and the Built Environment where UO is pioneering research into how architecture and city planning can change to better protect public health and safety. Click HERE.