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ARCS Oregon Member & Fulbright Research Scholar Advances International Nursing Education

Posted on Friday, October 21, 2022

ARCS members are impacting our world in many ways…through their philanthropy, volunteerism, and in their professional fields as well. In addition to advancing STEM education in her role as a board member of ARCS Oregon, Kathie Lasater is also leading change in nursing education internationally. Kathie WAS a Fulbright Research Scholar IN 2018 and will be presenting a paper at the 8th annual International Nurse Education Conference in Sitges, Spain in October. This conference is designed to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience of nursing, midwifery, and healthcare education worldwide.   

Challenges to sustainability of global healthcare systems are prompting a shift toward population models of care. And nursing education needs to change to support this shift. Kathie’s research focuses on pivoting nursing curricula towards population health. Her research assessed ways to integrate population health into nursing curricula, evaluated what students need to know to support population health, and drew insights for nursing education internationally.  Click HERE to read Kathie’s paper.  

We are grateful and proud to have Kathie as a member of ARCS Oregon and honored to share her professional accomplishments with all of you.