Academic Partners

OHSU, OSU and UO are commited to partner with ARCS Oregon Chapter to support our mission of advancing science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medical research in the United States. 


Since our inception in 2004, ARCS Oregon is proud to have raised over $6 million to support 397 PhD candidates. 

A Word from the University Presidents

“What ARCS does for promising PhD students in Oregon—and for science in general—is remarkable. Its awards literally change the lives of young scientists, giving them opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have to learn and expand their research interests and capabilities. But the ARCS awards do more than that. They also bring vital support to the research institutions, like OHSU, that benefit from the innovation and drive of these young people. That support leads to discoveries that help change our world.”

Dr. Danny Jacobs
President, Oregon Health & Science University
Schools supported by ARCS at OHSU

"ARCS helps support the development of Oregon State University scientists and the next generation of problem-solvers for Oregon, the nation and the world. As a former graduate student myself, I know how vital this support is and thank ARCS Oregon and its members for helping so many students."

Dr. Jayathi Y. Murthy
President, Oregon State University
Colleges supported by ARCS at OSU



John Karl Scholz
President, University of Oregon
Departments supported by ARCS at UO


University Support Through ARCS Scholar Awards

An Oregon ARCS Scholar Award is a prestigious, unrestricted award of $18,000 ($6,000 per year for three years) that provides an essential tool for recruiting and retaining top students to Oregon. Lead researchers depend on graduate students to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to their labs and to perform the day to day experiments necessary for discovery. OHSU, OSU and UO compete with other outstanding universities to attract promising PhD candidates. ARCS awards make admission offers more desirable.