Join ARCS Oregon

Join ARCS Oregon 

Member Benefits

  • Lifelong Learning - ARCS Members have access to educational lectures, lab tours, and discussions featuring scientists and scholars who present their cutting-edge research
  • Networking - ARCS Members have unique opportunities to network with scientists, university faculy and leaders, scholars, and other ARCS members
  • Connection & Belonging - Develop friendships with like-minded women, colleagues, scholars and others who are passionate about STEM research
  • Building the STEM Leadership Pipeline - ARCS members have an opportunity to be a part of building a stong STEM leadership pipeline in Oregon and beyond
  • Contributing to Oregon's Economic Growth - Contribute to STEM-related economic growth in our state by recruiting promising scientists to Oregon's top research universities
  • Developing Leadership Skills - ARCS members have many opportunities to lead the important work of the Chapter and participate in ongoing leadership development sessions/classes.
  • Creating a Lasting Legacy - Through volunteerism and philanthropy, ARCS members have unique opportunities to pay it forward by making a difference in the lives of brilliant young researchers

Membership Application

ARCS Foundation Oregon welcomes people who identify as women into its membership. Please click on the link below and complete your application. You do not have to pay membership dues to submit an application. 


Once we receive your application, we will reach out to you within 5 business days to schedule an in-person or virtual visit to answer questions and share more information about the Chapter. 

Membership Categories

  • Active Member Over 51 - Full voting rights; $800/year
  • Active Member Age 50 and Under - Full voting rights; $400/year
  • Scholar Alumni Member - Full voting rights; $100/year for the 1st 5 years after completing ARCS Program

Email Alex Blackwell, Development Associate at for more information.


Why Diana Joined ARCS
"I joined ARCS because I strongly believe in the mission of the group and wanted to contribute to that mission. I also wanted to affiliate with the amazing group of women that are behind the success of ARCS Foundation Oregon. I had had ample opportunity to observe them in action (having attended the Scholar Luncheon nearly every year since 2005), and am a little embarrassed it took me so long to take the leap to becoming a member! I have greatly enjoyed my role as VP of Programs, and look forward to contributing to our group in other ways in the future."