Join ARCS Oregon

Join us! Support next-generation scientists and learn about their work!

  • Be a catalyst to the scientific, medical and economic development of the State of Oregon!
  • Make a difference in the lives of brilliant young researchers
  • Learn about cutting-edge research through private lectures, site visits, field trips, and more.
  • Meet and Mingle with other ARCS members, scholars, scientists and university faculty.
  • Develop friendships with like-minded women in Oregon and across the U.S.

Membership Process

Membership in ARCS Foundation Oregon is by invitation. Women interested in joining our Chapter must attend two meetings or events to become familiar with the organization, be sponsored by one active member and be approved by the board. 

We welcome ARCS scholars and scholar alums to become members of our Chapter.

Membership Categories

  • Active Member - Dues $300 + Scholar Award Fund Assessment $500 = $800
  • Active Member Age 50 and Younger - Dues $300 + Scholar Award Fund Assessment $100 = $400
  • Scholar Alum Member - Annual assessment  = $100

Email for more information.


Why Diana Joined ARCS
"I joined ARCS because I strongly believe in the mission of the group and wanted to contribute to that mission. I also wanted to affiliate with the amazing group of women that are behind the success of ARCS Foundation Oregon. I had had ample opportunity to observe them in action (having attended the Scholar Luncheon nearly every year since 2005), and am a little embarrassed it took me so long to take the leap to becoming a member! I have greatly enjoyed my role as VP of Programs, and look forward to contributing to our group in other ways in the future."