Establish a University Matched Endowment


By establishing a University Matched Endowment today, you can continue funding outstanding ARCS Foundation scholars permanently into the future.

University Matched Endowments

  • The minimum amount to establish a University Matched Endowment at OHSU, OSU, or UO is $100,000 (given by the donor).
  • The three research universities supported by ARCS Oregon - OHSU, OSU, and UO - allocate matching funds of $50,000.
  • An endowment may bear your name or the name of someone you choose to honor or memorialize.
  • The endowment funds a scholar in an approved ARCS Foundation Oregon department at the university designated by the Donor, ensuring that successive generations of graduate students selected by the department will receive three year awards totalling $18,000 to help them succeed in their research.
  • University Matched Endowment Agreements have been written and approved by ARCS Oregon board and our university partners.

Management of Endowments at the Universities

  • The endowment is invested and managed by our university partners (OHSU, OSU and UO). The endowments are 3-way agreements between:
    • The Donor
    • ARCS Foundation Oregon
    • The respective university (OHSU, OSU, or UO)
  • Once the endowment is established, each individual endowment maintains a separate identity but is pooled with all university endowments for investment purposes.
  • The goal of an established endowment is to fund scholar awards from its investment returns. The ARCS Foundation Oregon Scholar Award funds an aggregate of $18,000 payable over 3 years.
  • Each university will provide an annual report on the endowment status and activity to the Donor.

An endowed Scholar Award may be funded by check or appreciated securities. To request more information about sponsoring an Endowed Scholar Award please EMAIL us.

Photo courtesy of Andie Petkus
Sydney Weber Boutros, ARCS Scholar, Behavioral Neuroscience, OHSU