Establish a Scholar Award

Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Foundation Oregon works with our academic partners to support young researchers with unrestricted scholar awards. Removing financial barriers to study leaves these graduate students free to focus on what matters most: their world-class research and contributions to global progress. ARCS Oregon Chapter offers an opportunity to sponsor students at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), Oregon State University (OSU) and the University of Oregon (UO). Please contact us for more information.

Your Gift of an ARCS Foundation Oregon Scholar Award

  • Allows our Oregon State research universities to compete with peer institutions throughout the U.S. to recruit and retain top PhD candidates who are the next generation problem solvers in science, engineering and medical research.
  • Brings future scientists to Oregon labs as they bring excitement and energy to the painstaking bench work that triggers innovation and stimulates discovery. 
  • Serves as a catalyst to building scientific and technological capacity, the primary engine of economic growth.
  • Provides donors the opportunity for a relationship with students and faculty at our research universities.

About an ARCS Foundation Oregon Scholar Award

  • An ARCS Foundation Oregon Scholar Award begins with a gift of $18,000 from you (or two or three others - up to three parties can jointly support a Scholar Award).
  • Each ARCS Foundation Oregon Chapter Scholar Award of $18,000 funds one student over a three-year period at OHSU, OSU, or UO, giving them $6,000 per year. 
  • Scholar Award recipients are selected and recruited by the university's scholar selection committees.
  • ARCS Scholar Awards provide flexible and unrestricted funding to help brilliant young scholars thrive through the most challenging part of their degrees.
  • ARCS Scholars must be U.S. citizens and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Scholar Awards may be funded by check or appreciated securities. To request more information about sponsoring a Scholar Award please EMAIL us. 

Photo courtesy of Andie Petkus

Susan Cooper, PhD - Chemistry, UO
"The ARCS Scholar Award enabled me to be a visiting scholar in Denmark to learn techniques for which there was no expertise at my University. Not only did the ARCS scholar award propel my research forward but having such a large community of amazing women cheering you on while working towards your PhD makes a big difference during the most stressful times in graduate school."
Tyler Hulett, PhD -Immunno-Oncology, OHSU
"Getting a PhD is a financially stressful adventure - you get to work on inspiring projects but are getting paid less than the average barista. The ARCS award helped give me enough of a financial buffer to pay off my undergrad loans end not worry about whether I'd be able to pay the rent or survive an emergency expense. It's hard to say thank you enough."