Posters and Publications

ARCS Scholars present posters about their research at various conferences and thesis defenses.  They also write publications that are published in various journals.  The members of the Oregon Chapter are proud of our scholars and delighted to showcase their research.  ARCS scholars, please contact us at to submit a copy of your poster or publication.

Oregon Health and Science University

School of Medicine

Sydney Weber Boutros - Assessing a Novel Therapy for Synucleinopathies using an alpha-synuclein

Sami Friedrich - Songbirds Help Us Understand Brain Mechanisms of Alcoholic-Induced Speech

John Koberstein - Development of Metabolite Biosensors Using Massively Parallel Assays of Domain-Insertion Variant Libraries

Alexandria Lassetter - What Role Do Glia Play in Long-Term Axon Maintenance?

Emily Leff - Role of Phosphorylation in Acute Desensitization and Tolerance of the µ-Opiod Receptor

Dan Miller -  Neuronal Dystroglycan Regulates CCK/CB1R Interneuron Development

Luci Moore - Anatomical and Functional Mapping of the Central Auditory System

Tom Navis - Stress-Enhanced Fear Learning: A Model of Comorbid PTSD and Substance Use

Alex Quackenbush - Investigating Tumor Promotion in the Postpartum Liver Mestastic Niche

Mariya Shapiro - Early Treatment with Neutralizing Antibodies is Critical for Preventing Persistent Infection in a Macaque Model of Pediatric HIV-1

Gail Stonebarger - Diet, Aging, and Menapause: Effects on Alzheimer's Pathology

School of Nursing

Jenny Firkins - Impact of Financial Security on Physical and Mental Health and Symptoms in Cancer Survivors

Oregon State University

College of Agricultural Sciences

Holly Dixon - Assessing PAH Exposures with Multiple Approaches Including Silicone Wristbands

Matthew Slattery, Environmental Toxicology and Molecular Toxicology - Keeping Pace with Pesticides: Nano-Sized Particles Can lead to Big Changes

Sheanna Steingass, Fisheries and Wildlife - Under the Waves - Tracking At-Sea Habitat Use and Dietary Composition of the Pacific Harbor Seal in Oregon

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Cedric Hagen - The Sulphate Capacitor Hypothesis for Carbon Cycle Dyanmics at the Dawn of Life

Brendan Reilly - Regionally Consistent Western North America Paleomagnetic Directions from 15 to 35 ka: Assessing Chronology and Uncertainty with Paleosecular Variation (PSV) Stratigraphy

Daniel Watkins - Temperature Inversions in the Arctic Atmosphere

Sophia Wenman - Uranium in Oysters: An Inexpensive and Accessible method of measuring Ocean Corrosivity?

College of Engineering

Patrick Clary, Robotics - Motion Planning with Efficient Spring-Mass Behavior

Lucas Freiberg, Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering - Process Intensification Principles for Competitive Solar Fuels

Paige Hovenga, Civil and Construction Engineering - Drivers of Alongshore Varying Dune Evolution

Calvin Lee, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - Analog-to-Digital Data Converter Design

Peter Rindal, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - Private Set Intersection

Jennifer Ventrella, Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering - Sensor-Based Impact Monitoring

College of Forestry

Logan Berner - Forest Response to Water Availability and Disturbance in the Western United States

Gretchen Engbring - Management and Marginalization: Organizational Structures and Associated Trade-offs in Oaxacan Community Forest Enterprises

Christal Johnson - Factors Impacting Resin Production: Quantifying Potential Bark Beetle Resistance in Burned, Harvested, and Untreated Ponderosa Pine Forest

College of Science

Claire Clouch, Integrative Biology - The Host as an Ecosystem: Exploring the Role of Microbial Communities in Wildlife Health

Dallas Foster, Department of Mathematics - Decadal Predictability of Global Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies

Caroline Glidden, Integrative Biology - Using High-Throughput Amplicon Sequencing to Uncover Crytic Variation in African Buffalo Piroplasm Communities

Gisela Gonzalez-Montiel, Department of Chemistry - Chemical Exploration of Douglas Fir Tree Associated Fungi

Shannon Hennessey, Integrative Biology - Matching Spatial Scales of Predator Movement and Community Variation

Bryce Penta, Department of Microbiology - Combined Field and Lab Study to Determine the Effects of Storm-Induced Mixing on Primary Production

University of Oregon

Department of Biology

Katja Kasimatis, Department of Biology - Untangling Reproductive Success: Caenorhabditis Nematodes as a Model System for Fertilization

Erik Toraason - Elucidating Mechanisms Directing meiotic DNA Repair Decisions

Department of Chemistry

Michael Crawford - Exciton Self-Trapping in [n] - Cycloparaphenylenes

Amber Rolland - Investigating the Size and Stoichiometry of Pore-Forming Toxins Using Native ESI-MS