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If you are an ARCS Scholar from the Oregon Chapter, we would love to hear from you.  You are a vital part of our mission. Your stories and accomplishments encourage our current scholars as well as help us attract new funding for future scholars.

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Oregon Chapter Scholar Alums

After ARCS funding is completed (three years), the students become ARCS Alums and they continue with their research for another two to three years before receiving their PhDs. 

Oregon ARCS Alums are making their mark in the scientific world with post-doctoral positions.  ARCS Alums are advancing health care, science and technology to improve the human condition in fields of research that include asthma, cancer, cardiovascular treatment, neurodegenerative disorders, environmental issues (i.e. radiation), and computer science. We are proud of their accomplishments. 


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Oregon Health & Science University Scholar Alums
Oregon State University Scholar Alums
University of Oregon

Oregon Health & Science University Scholar Alums
School of Medicine 
Tara White Adams Thrombosis and haemostasis
Allison Anacker Stafford Gender differences in substance abuse, addiction and susceptibilty to relapse
Devon Anderson Developing a tissue engineering approach of building three-dimensional articular cartilage from adult stem cells in order to repair damaged cartilage in degenerative joint diseases
Pierre Apostolides Neuron regulation and synaptic communication specificity
Amanda Barkley-Levenson Identify neurological and genetic correlates of binge drinking with the aim of finding means to prevent excessive alcohol intake
Zachary Beattie Correlation between heart failfure and cognitive impairment
Ethan Beckley Reproductive hormone impact on the structure and function of the nervous system
Samuel Berk Identify and characterize causative agents in high-pressure associated glaucoma
Yosef Berlow Clinical neuroimaging
Michelle Berny Molecular mechanisms of blood clotting
Tina Bloom Health disparities in maternal child-health outcomes in the U.S. and the complex relationships between risk factors for these outcomes
Ted Braun Inflammation of the hypothalamus and how it relates to muscle mass loss in chronic diseases
Christina Brow Bioremediation and environmental health, the effects of freezing DNA
Eran Brown Application of engineering principles to problems in translational cardiovascular medicine
Kalmia Smith Buels Interactions between peripheral nerves in the lungs and immune cells
Delia Chiu Mechanisms of learning and memory
Reena Clements How neurons are able to extend their axons to make connections in distant target areas; specifically the role of dystroglycan on visual system development
Robert Conley Targeted imaging method for diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular pathologies
Holly Corbitt Cardiovascular genetics, using bioinformatics and computational modeling to discover the genetic variants in the ciliome that contribute to AVSD
Anita Cservenka Emotional processing of alcoholism in youth using neuroimaging and behavioral methods
Amanda Senrud Dayton Behavior of light in breast tissue
Quin Denfeld Understanding the processes that lead to cancer (focus on p53, a tumor suppressor gene) and creating more effective treatments
Tiffany DeVine Understanding the processes that lead to cancer and creating more effective treatments
Lauren Dobbs Brain circuits and neurotransmitters affected by drugs with high addiction potential
Julia Doh Microbial pathogenecity and immunity
Keith Earley How the structural cells of the pancreas, known as stellate cells, become activated in pancreatic cancer and drive tumor progression
David Edwards Investigating gene expression patterns within subtypes of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) to identify mechanisms of chemotheraphy resistance and improve targeted therapy
Madalynn Erb Cellular and molecular neuroscience as it applies to neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration
Rebecca Foster Brain mechanisms involved in cocaine addiction
Sami Friedrich Neural and genetic mechanisms that have evolved to support speech and language
Jimmy Gladish Cell alignment and structure using special depolarization of light
Jeremy Glynn Cardiovascular tissue engineering, biomaterial for cardiovascular devices
Wilmon Grant Pathways and signals that regulate process of cachexia in loss of lean body mass
Aaron Grossberg Neuron process of cachexia; how communication between the immune, endocrine and nervous systems influence disease process
Sarah Hackenmueller Effects of drug action on biolgical signaling mechanisms
Nora Hammack Researches pain by recording the electrical activity of neurons in the brain stem of rats; exploring the effect of light on pain
Molly Harding Genetic regulation of neurogenesis
Megan Herting White matter microstructural characteristics and impulse behavior in adolescents
Will Horton Addiction
Tyler Hulett Cancer immunology
Jeannie Hunnicutt How a developing nervous system becomes established and wired
Ravi Iyer Patho-immune system interactions and zoonotic infections
Brian Jones Mechanisms by which the adult brain generates new neurons to modulate afferent pathways innervating the hippocampal neurogenic niche
Scott Jones Neuroimaging techniques to look at structural and functional aspects of the developing adolescent brain, understanding the impact of binge-drinking on the development of the adolescent brain, and how changes in brain activity lead to neurocognitive deficits 
Amber Jones-Hackathorne Fluorescence spectroscopy to map distances within proteins
Elad Kaufman Physiology and pharmacology
Nate Klett Synaptic plasticity in hippocampi interneurons
Gabe Knoll Neuroendocrinology
John Koberstein Dynamic regulation of metabolism underlying brain function
Paul Kramer Studying how drugs of abuse exert their control over the brain, especially during addiction disorders
Tina Kruger Neurodegenerative disorders
Sidney Kuo Auditory system processing acoustic information
Wai Yan Lam Imaging technology to elucidate molecular signaling in breast cancer pathways
Alexandria Lassetter Role of glia, a diverse class of cells in the nervious system, in axon maintenance
Emily Leff Cellular mechanisms underlying tolerance and dependence to opiods
Joseph Leffler Circuitry of the mammalian visual system and how the retina processes visual information
Haley Licon Adaptation in the human pathogen Leishmania, which afflicts over 22 million people
Jordan Lueras Effects of adolescent alcohol use on brain development and cognition using functional magnetic resonance imaging
Jessica Martin The adaptive response of Leishmania donovani to purine starvation
Glynis Brown Mattheisen Relationship between G-protein-coupled receptors and voltage-gated sodium channels
Julia Maxson Iron metabolism and hemocromatosis
Whitney McGee Neuroendoctrine reulation of reproductive function
Taylor Mighell Genetics of the developing nervous system
Dan Miller Investigates how the protein dystroglycan guides multiple aspects of brain development, focusing specifically on how it controls formation of specific connections between neurons called synapses
Caitlin Monaghan Molecular pathogenesis of OCD-spectrum disorders
Luci Moore Mapping the functional microcircuitry of the auditory system using electrophysiology as a way to study how the brain computes information
Rory Morgan Investigating a class of enzymes involved in the regulation of numerous cellular processes that operate during normal as well as diseased states
Gabriela Morin-Webb Virology, immunology and vaccine devlopment
Ryan Mulqueen The genetic components of neurological disease and development
Kevin Murphy Medical Chemistry
Thomas Navis Comorbidity between post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse
Mahta Nili Structure-function of RGMc, a protein involved with iron regulation
Nichole Owen Cytogenetics, fanconi, DNA repair processes and disorders, chromosome structure and maintenance
Melanie Pina Neurochemical, neuroanatomical and genetic mechanisms underlying drug reward
Chayne Piscitelli Solving the X-ray crystal structure of a bacterial neurotransmitter transporter homolog bound to a competitive inhibitor
Trish Pruis Brain and hormonal basis of emotion in older women
Alexandra Quackenbush Unique liver environment in the postpartum host and how this environment promotes breast cancer liver metastasis
Carolynn Rafa Todd Neural mechanisms underlying disorders of learning and memory such as addiction and PTSD
Benjamin Rakela Elucidating the role of glia in neuronal transmission
Rebecca Richards Cytomegalovirus immunoregulatory
Art Riddle Perinatal medicine, neurotoxicology labs, events that shape the developing brain
Danielle Robinson Superresolution imaging of synaptic proteins
Hillary Rodgers Physiology of ion channels and transporters expressed in the nervous system
Quinn Roth-Carter Developing novel methods to determine how eosinophils manipulate sensory nerves in the skin
Abby Rynko Understanding how respiratory viruses induce asthma exacerbations and airway hyperreactivity
Katherine Saylor Hearing transduction in sensory hair cells
Christopher Schafer Site directed spectroscopic methods coupled with computational modeling to investigate membrane protein structure and dynamics
Benjamin Scholl Quantum dots and interface between technology, neuroscience and medicine
Zachary Schwartz Strategies the brain uses to distinguish relevant from irrelevant sensory information
Mariya Shapiro Working to understand how antibodies can block HIV transmission from mothers to their babies
Jessica Siegel Aging and Alzheimer's disease
Laura Springgay Investigating how herpes viruses evade the immune system in order to establish life-long infections in humans and monkeys
Eric Stoffregen Molecular and genetic mechanisms of cancer
Gail Stonebarger Examines the interactions between aging, diet, and hormone status to observe measures of brain health, in order to understand how and why our brains age the way they do
Allison Terwilliger Community health concepts
Karen Thiebes Molecular and cellular interactions involved in coaxing neural progenitor cels into neurons
Shane Tillo High-resolution optical and electrophysiological techniques to study the nervous system
Karen Tonsfeldt Behavioral and physiological effects of steroid hormones
Garth Tormoen Regulatory mechanisms for the procoagulant activity of circulating tissue factor
Christopher Vaaga Electrophysiological mechanisms underlying early sensory transduction
Katy Van Hook Tumor suppressor variants and protein interaction
Keri Vartanian Cardiovascular engineering; understanding endothelial cell dysfunction leading to atherosclerosis
Charlene Voorhees Extinction of ethanol conditioned place preference in mice
Kevin Watanabe-Smith How to better treat leukemia by using DNA mutations and recreates them in cell lines grown in a petri dish; identifies the mutation signal pathways and tests clinically approved drugs to find the best treatment
Sydney Weber Boutros Neurodegenerative diseases, like Parkinson's disease, and exploring new treatments
Lillian Welch Klug Novel therapies for the treatment of the chemotherapy-and radiation-resistant KIT-mutant cancers
Elaine Wells-Gray Techniques to study the shrinkage of dental resin composites
Paul Wille Herpes virus entry and spread
Amy Williams Understanding and treating dysfunctions in learning and memory that cause disorders like PTSD and addiction
Clayton Winkler Disrupting interactions on T-cell extravasation and oligodendrocyte maturation in multiple sclerosis
Aaron Wortham Cancer geology: the importance of the NF-kB pathway in squamous cell carcinoma
Helen Wu HIV/SIV immunology and vaccine development
Daniel Yaeger Synaptic physiology of neurons in auditory brainstem
Nathan Yoder The molecular mechanisms that underlie memory formation and information processing at the synapse
Douglas Zeppenfeld Convergence of different senses in the auditory system

School of Nursing
Jenny Firkins Usage and access of palliative care
Suzi Frase Preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM), a common cause of preterm birth


Oregon State University Scholar Alums

Agricultural Sciences
Kali Brandt Wheat breeding and genetics
Jenna Curtis Relationships between avian life history traits and community structure survival, and evolutionary biology, as well as how these relate to environmental conditions
Danielle Nelson Devloping a way of examining animal communication networks by studying and simulating the behavior of chorusing frogs
Matthew Slattery Nano-enabled pesticides, which capitalize on the unique properties of nanomaterials to enhance existing pesticide products
Sheanna Steingass Examines the ecology of a marine mammal on the Oregon coast, the Pacific harbor seal


Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Maggie Buktenica How the ecology and biogeochemistry of northern latitude regions will respond to warming induced by climate change
Erin Collins Wave energy, performing a comparative sustainability analysis of differing wave energy converters
Allison Einolf Arctic physical oceanography
Cedric Hagen Global biogeochemical cycles in the ancient Earth
Elizabeth King Seeks to understand the biogeochemical processes of elements by using non-traditional stable isotopes as a way to tease apart the various ways that soil is formed
Erin Peck Coastal geochemistry
Brendan Reilly Uses ocean and lake sediments to study Earth history and its paleoenvironments, glacial systems, and magnetic field
Susan Schnur Seamount formation, physical volcanology of subaqueous eruptions, rheology of subaqueous lava flows
Kathryn Verlinden Small-scale turbulent vertical air motions within marine boundary layer clouds using vertically-oriented Doppler radar data
Daniel Watkins Uses large-scale Earth system models, satellite data, and weather balloon records to investigate interactions between the diminishing sea ice cover and the near-surface atmosphere in the Artic
Sophia Wensman Seeks to provide an alternative method of measuring ocean acidification using the chemical composition of oyster shells
Nancy Williams Marine carbon cycle in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica and its role in climate


Dylan Anderson Investigating the effects of climate change on coastal landform evolution, erosion, and flood hazards 
Emily Caffrey Investigating the variation in plutonium partitioning in wildlife under actual environmental conditions
Jarvis Caffrey Impact of radiation upon astronauts and developed a prototype detector to assess the harm caused by the unique radiation environment in space
Phillip Carleton Optimization of networks, transportation and supply chain systems
Patrick Clary Making bipedal robots move with agility comparable to humans and animals
Brandilyn Coker Synthesizable analogue-to-digital converters, digital calibration methods, biomedical applications
Alexander Egan Clinical medical physics
Andrew F. Emmott Artificial intelligence, natural language processing, planning, language development
Margaret Exton Trigger mechanisms of tsunami, tsunami waveforms, impact on coastal structures and soils
Justin Finn Simulation of fluid flows in natural and man made systems
Dallas Foster Mathematical techniques for understanding the uncertainty or randomness in data and forecasting
Lucas Freiberg Storing solar energy
Kyle Gallagher Impact of patient intrafraction motion in single isocenter multi-target Stereotactic Radiation Surgery treatments, with rotational motion as the primary degree of freedom
Garth Gladfelder Seeks to quantify the additional burden of stress placed on plants after radioactive fallout events help inform bioremediation efforts
Molly Glass Thermal hydraulics, specifically advanced reactor systems engineering
Chris HolmesParker Controls and adaptive learning in multi-agent systems
Elizabeth Holzenthal How coastal communities can best prepare for changing climates and storm patterns: which hazard mitigation strateties provide the most effective and sustainable protections of coastal communities and ecosystems
Jesse Hostetler Activity recognition via inverse reinforcement learning
Paige Hovenga How natural coastal dunes respond and recover to major storm events
Trevor Howard The development of clean, efficient, cheap energy and advancements in other design-based fields
Joe Juozapuitis Aims to make the use of computers in unsafe, complex, or risky environments safer and more feasible
Michael Lam Computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence
Calvin Lee Design and implementation of high-performance power-efficient analog-to-digital converter (ADC) architectures
Jeffrey Luitjens Critical heat flux in low flow reactors and natural circulation nuclear reactors
Colby Mangini Charged particle interactions and dosimetry
Wade Marcum Thermal hydraulic characteristics of high performance research reactor fuel
Travis Moore Applies spatial statistical techniques to the large eBird corpus in order to automatically detect areas of high species diversity, with the goal of identifying prime areas for conservation work
Katarina Morowsky Human error that results in helicopter accidents
Chad Nixon Experimental nuclear reactor thermal hydraulics
Sarah Oman Design-oriented problem solving using mathematics
Kai Parker Works to predicts how climate change will affect estuaries into the future, with an emphasis on flooding hazards
Eric Patterson Lead free piezoelectric systems and their fatique related properties
Rebecca Paustian Creates three-dimensional models of fluid flows through heterogeneous porous media
Justin Pommerenck Applying advanced plasma oxidation processes to surpass the purification limitations of current water treatment technology
Jacob Postman SRAM memory cells and methods for mult-processor communication
Peter Rindal Focuses on computer security with a special interest in cryptographic protocols for secure computation
Hannah Rolston Bioremediation of Industrial contaminants
Sean Smith Mechanical and electronic properties of thin oxide films for microelectronic application
Chris Stull Heat transfer enhancement, multiphase flow, vapor separation, two phase flow, visualization
David Vasquez Medical physics
Jennifer Ventralla Developing and testing a wireless sensor-based platform to measure the adoption and impacts of biomass cookstoves in low-income regions
Eric Walkingshaw Language design, formal representations of variation and explanation-oriented programming
Allen Waters Analog and mixed signal design
Jennifer Williams Wildlife monitoring and interdisciplinary research
Mark Williamson Human-machine interface issues and operations error prevention in complex systems


Chelsea Batavia The human dimensions of natural resource management and conservation
Logan Berner Impact of recent droughts on forest growth, mortality, and wildfires across the western US
Hailey Buckingham Answer difficult questions about wildfire polices, including the economic costs and benefits of letting fires burn, and the expected outcome, both economically and ecologically, of new policies about beneficial wildfires on Amercia's forests
Gretchen Engbring Studies the multiple purposes, trade-offs and associated decision-making processes of Mexican Community Forest Enterprises (CFEs)
Christal Johnson How forest management and restoration practices impact individual tree vigor and resilience to disturbances
Karin Kralicek Understanding the effect of climate change on the distribution of tree species in the Pacific Northwest
David Mildrexler Forest stress and mortality associated with drought and high temperature that are increasing due to a warm climate
Sophia Polasky Contribute to develop theory through a case study that examines social vulnerability to climate change in West Africa; to identify the role assessment efforts play in further influencing a particular development path; and to guide policies created to assist communities identified as vulnerable




Jacob Buchanan Developing and applying computational methods for various fields of chemistry
Claire Couch Connections between the microbiome and health in African buffalo
Holly Dixon Using novel silicone wristands to measure people's exposure to a wide-range of organic chemicals
Josiah Gerber Functional and structural properties of biological macromolecules
Caroline Glidden Host-parasite interactions in African buffalo, particularly how individuals differ in their resistance and tolerance of various gastro-intestinal and hemoparasites
Gisela Abigail Gonzalez-Montiel Bioprospecting symbiotic fungi associated with Oregon Douglas Fir trees and other endophytic fungi for human health application by investigating new bioacive metabolites
Shannon Hennessy Importance of predator-prey interactions in shaping communities on the rocky Oregon shores
Rachael Kuintzle Interface of RNA biology and environmental toxicology
William "Bryce" Penta Marine phytoplankton physiology and how we observe these microscopic plants from space with satellites


University of Oregon Scholar Alums
Department of Chemistry
Susan Cooper Synthesis of spinel iron oxide nanoparticles and their nanoscale structure which gives them enhanced properties, enabling their use in cancer treatment and detection and in cleaning water of heavy metals
Michael Crawford How molecules behave after they absorb light; focuses on molecular "nanohoops", which have unique geometry resulting in interesting properties after they absorb light
Rebecca Keller Understand what makes things spontaneous at the quantum level by exploring a new definition for quantum entropy.  
Amber Rolland Utilizes native electrospray ionization mass spectrometry and complementary techniques to investigate the composition and lipid dependence of pore-forming toxins
Department of Biology
Katja Kasimatis Evolution of male reproductive proteins to better understand the complexity of fertilization
Erik Toraason How cells repair DNA damage that underlies many diseases, including infertiltiy and cancers