Past Events

Events for Members

ARCS Foundation Oregon hosts gatherings that foster lifelong learning. During the year, lectures for members and guests cover a wide range of topics in science research. For these meetings, in addition to the guest speaker we invite a scholar to update us on their research.  And they are an impressive group of students who always pique our curiosity. We have been treated to topics ranging from “Curing Asthma, a Tale of 20 Graduate Students and 2 Cells” to “Automatically Detecting Sleep Apnea Using Load Cells Placed Under the Bed.” Each spring we take a field trip to Corvallis to see firsthand the work of our scholars and faculty at Oregon State University. 

Events for ARCS Scholars

Celebrating and recognizing our scholars throughout the year is a strongly shared interest of the Oregon Chapter.  

  • Scholar Picnic - in September where members and donors welcome ARCS Scholars to Oregon
  • Orientation - in October for first-year scholars
  • Annual Scholar Awards Luncheon - in October where the Chapter showcases first, second and third year scholars
  • "Celebrate the Scholars" Reception  - in May where donors and chapter board members honor third-year scholars
  • Member Programs - scholars are selected to present their research to members and their guests

We attend scholar dissertation defenses (and earnestly try to fully absorb the amazing discoveries they have made)

"Recognizing Genius" Scholar Awards Luncheon

Go to Oregon's Signature Event to see details.

Here is a closer look at some of our activities:

2015-2016 Events

Mark Slifka and Diana Gordon, welcomed members and guests to the Oregon National Primate Research Center as they discussed "Immunity After Vaccination - How Long Can It Last?"

Sarina Saturn, Neuroscientist and Professor of the University of Portland, gave insight into physical changes that stress and pro-social emotions cause in the body and effective ways to alleviate stress

Scholar Awards Luncheon featured keynote speaker Louis Picker, M.D., who is leading human trials of a potential HIV vaccine

Karen Guillemin, Professor of Biology at UO, explained her research using zebrafish to study the interaction of gut microbes and their animal hosts

Mark Zabriskie, Dean and Professor of Pharmacy, OSU & OHSU, spoke of the collaboration of pharmaceutical and medical research that occurs at the Collaborative Life Sciences Building which promotes new ways of drug discovery and development

Helmi Lutsep, OHSU physician, addressed members, spouses and guests about the benefits of seeking medical assistance quickly at the first signs of a stroke, acute stroke treatment and prevention both in person and via remote/online consult

Members and guests traveled to OSU where Sastry Pantula, Dean of the College of Science, welcomed the group before they visited several labs to learn about "From Coral Reefs to Salmon Runs: Aquatic Animal Health Research"

2014-2015 Events

Scott Ashford, Dean of Engineering, OSU, "Lessons Learned from Recent Earthquakes: Implications for Oregon"

Scholar Awards Luncheon with keynote speaker Kathie Olsen, former Deputy Director of the National Science Foundation, former Chief Scientist of NASA, and Founder and Managing Director of ScienceWorks International

Jessica Castle, OHSU, spoke on "Artificial Endocrine Pancreas: Advanced Treatments for Type 1 Diabetes"

Chris Corless, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute talked about "Personalizing Cancer Therapies Through Molecular Dissection of Tumors"

Deborah Lewinsohn, OHSU professor, told ARCS members about "Tuberculosis: The Resurgence and The Resistance"

Joe Quinn, OHSU, educated ARCS members and their guests about "Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease: Can We Protect the Brain?"

Members and guests traveled to OSU to the McDonald Forest Research Facility

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