Officers & Directors

Oregon Leadership

An elected board of directors oversees all phases of ARCS Foundation Oregon. Officers of the Oregon board include co-presidents, co-presidents-elect in some years, VP treasurer and secretary.

Directors include VP Communications, VP Fund Development, VP Governance, VP Member Relations, VP Program, VP University Relations, and VP Scholar Relations. In addition, the co-presidents appoints one to four Members-at-Large to serve on the Board. The fiscal year is July 1–June 30, with the annual meeting in May.

Officers and Board of Directors - July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020

Front row:  Julie Headley, Anne Yoo,  Julie Branford, Gretchen Sturm,  Kris Kern, Anne Jarvis
Back row: Lee Ragen, Elise McClure, Lara Cunningham, Elizabeth Bell, Kate Joseph, Susan Smith, Meleah Ashford
Missing in photo: Paige Jackson, Sheila Goodwin, Diana Gordon, Gigi Ditz, Sue McGrath

President Julie Branford
Past President Sue McGrath
Secretary Elizabeth Bell
VP Treasurer Gretchen Sturm
Assistant Treasurer Kate Joseph
Co-VP Communications Lara Cunningham and Paige Jackson
Co-VP Member Relations Sheila Goodwin and Julie Headley
VP Philanthropy Anne Yoo
Co-VP Program Diana Gordon
Co-VP Scholar Relations Meleah Ashford and Anne Jarvis
VP University Relations Susan Smith
Member-at-Large Gigi Ditz
Member-at-Large Kris Kern
Member-at-Large Elise McClure
Member-at-Large Lee Ragen



Chair, Scholar Awards Luncheon Elise McClure
Nominating Committee Sally Fish, Julie Headley, Sharon Nugent, Adrianne Peterson, Gretchen Sturm

Oregon Chapter Presidents


Front row: Leslie Workman 2008-2010; Sharon Hewitt 2004-2006; Ellen Richardson 2006-2008; Caron Ogg 2010-2012
Back row: Joan Foley 2015-2018; Julie Brandford 2018-present; Aletha Anderson 2014-2015, 2017-2018; Sue McGrath 2018-2019; Jean Josephson 2012-2014