2022-23 ARCS Named Scholar Award Donors

ARCS Foundation Oregon is honored to acknowledge these generous Scholar Award Donors for the academic year 2022-2023

Each Named Scholar Award of $18,000 funds one graduate student over a three-year period.  Named Scholar Awards are created by Oregon members and community members who understand the importance these awards make in recruiting and supporting world-class students at OHSU, Oregon State University or the University of Oregon.  Sponsoring a Named Scholar Award gives the donor the unique opportunity to engage with the scholar.

In addition, every member in the Oregon Chapter contributes a minimum of $500 each year to the Scholar Award Fund, and these contributions combine to fund our ARCS Oregon Chapter Scholar Awards.

Diane & Dick Alexander
Kathleen & Bob Ames
Jamie & Michael Anderson
Sharon Anderson
ARCS 10th Anniversary Fund
ARCS Oregon Chapter
Meleah & Scott Ashford
Joan & Bill Bailey
Bechen Family Foundation
Marilyn Bergen
Julie Branford & Terry Bernhardt
Lyn & Charlie Cameron
Christiansen Family Trust
Connie & Carl Clark
Lara Cunningham
Gigi & David Ditz
Julie & Wayne Drinkward
Sally Anne & Cecil Drinkward
Kirby & Karl Dyess
Ann & Ron Emmerson
Joan Foley & Per Jarnberg
Nancy Fischer
Fairway Fund
Barbara Giesy
Sheila & Mike Goodwin
Jane & Joe Gray
Nancy Haigwood
Missy Vaux Hall
Karen & Frank Halvorsen
Cheryl Hammond

Janis & Bob Harrison
Julie & Bill Headley
Sharon & Henry Hewitt
Sue Hitselberger
Anne & Peter Jarvis
Jean & Rich Josephson
Jill Josselyn Fund
Kris & Michael Kern
Marilyn & John Lindgren
Elisabeth & Peter Lyon
Sue & Bernie McGrath
Laurie McDonald Meigs
Kate Joseph & Tom Murray
Sharon & Mike Nugent
Caron & Larry Ogg
OHSU Department of Radiation Medicine
Adrianne & Lee Peterson
Lynn & Steve Pratt
Bettsy & Wally Preble
Lee & Ron Ragen
Pat Reser
Marilyn & Bob Ridgley
Mary Martin Rosenberg
Deanne & Dick Rubinstein
Barbara & Philip Silver
Susan & Bill Smith
Arlene Schnitzer
Walsh Construction
Anne & Scott Weaver
Anne & Jung Yoo


Why Barbara Supports ARCS Scholars
"I love being a part of an extended family for our scholars through ARCS. Our scholars continually inspire me through their vision and exploration of new frontiers we never dreamed possible. By becoming a sponsor, I can help universities choose top PhD candidates, while at the same time, I have the opportunity to engage one on one with our next generation of scientists."
Why Ann and Ron Support ARCS Scholars
"We believe that by supporting scholars it contributes to the strength of our regional schools. In so doing, we hope to continue to attract students who will have an impact both regionally and globally, and further enhance our universities’ reputation."