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It is time to reinvest in ARCS and support a new class of brilliant graduate students.
Every year you are a member, you help fund Chapter Scholar Awards. 

As we approach the end of this ARCS year, we hope you will renew your membership and continue to support the marvelous scholars chosen by our university partners. Pursuing a PhD or MD/PhD is challenging enough, but COVID-19 has brought even more complexity to the lives of our scholars and to our abilities to personally connect with scholars as we have done in the past.

Our scholars have accomplished a great many things over the years, and we hope to continue developing brilliant PhD’s who will also go on to work at NASA or become an Assistant Dean at OSU in Nuclear Science or help to coordinate the state’s COVID-19 response actions through the Oregon Health Authority. The Executive Vice President and Chief Research Officer at OHSU’s Research & Innovation is an ARCS scholar alum from the University of Washington. Our world needs more of these bright and talented people in these times of climate and health challenges and when the nation is looking at massive infrastructure projects in the near future.

Hear why you should renew your ARCS Oregon membership!
Scholar Alum from OSU, Gretchen Engbring, pays back by joining our Chapter.

Please continue your financial contribution to ARCS scholars by renewing your membership.  We do appreciate your investment in our scholars and in advancing science and technology to improve our world.

COVID-19 continues to challenge our everyday lives though we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. ARCS Oregon continues with caution to use virtual platforms until safe to gather again in person. We hope you have enjoyed the many educational programs offered throughout the year.

Online Membership Renewal Process

To renew your membership, follow the instructions below.

  • In the blue bar at the top of the screen, click "Log In” and in the dropdown menu select “Oregon.”
  • Sign in by using your user name (your user name is the email address you use for ARCS Foundation).
  • If you are a new member or have never signed into the website before, use the temporary password “temp123” (once you are logged in you can change your password).
  • If you have forgotten your password, click “Forgot Your Password?” and you will receive an email to change your password.
  • When you click “Log In” it will take you to the “Welcome” page with a menu list on the left side under “Member Portal.”
  • Click on “ARCS Membership” (this will take you directly to Oregon’s renewal form).
  • Don’t forget to click “Submit” at the end of the form.

After completing your registration, you will immediately receive an email that will give you instructions for paying your membership.    

  • If you pay by credit card there is a link that takes you to the credit card payment screen. You will be charged a transaction fee if you renew by credit card.
  • If you pay by check send to: ARCS Foundation Oregon, PO Box 2063, Portland, Oregon 97208-2063
  • If you pay by stock contact Lee Ann Verboort at